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The Consultation

Consultation is communication.

Communication is most important to creating the reception you envision.  Every couple has a vision of their special day and the consultation gives you both the opportunity to express your vision and communicate your expectations of what you would like your reception to be.

The discussion is quite in-depth, informative and will cover a variety of aspects that most couples may not have considered.

You will have the opportunity to share your thoughts and expectations and realistic possibilities that may be implemented to assure you of the great time you have in mind. Together we can set the tone for your party, select some specific musical and memorable moments and honor your most important wishes in a per-determined manor that is sure to capture your desired effect.

Take the time to talk to your fiancé about the tone and experience you want to create for your reception.

Let’s all sit down and talk about it and see what we have!

Shall we?