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First Time Hiring a Wedding DJ? Of course!

Hiring a DJ for your wedding can be overwhelming to say the least. Reason being this is the first time you’ve taken on a task such as this. It is not something you’ve done and there is so much at stake.

So much to learn in a short period of time. It is important to find entertainment that best suits you and your guests. Typically a professional DJ is booked 6 to 12 months in advance, this will afford you the ability to be more selective in your selection process and avoid feeling pressured into choosing one just to be sure you have a DJ for your date.

Here are some rules of thumb in hiring your entertainment for your upcoming event.

I’m sorry just wont do….it has to be right the first time…this is a live SHOW!!!

We’ve all heard horror stories from couples who have recently married and are now attending an event as guests.

Often I have had couples come to my DJ booth and say those infamous words. “We just got married and our DJ was the pitts”. The reasons are usually much the same and it burns me that there are so called DJs who just care about getting the gig and could not care less about their clients Big Day.

It is so easy today to buy some low end gear and pirated music and call yourself a DJ, cut rate a low price and grab the unsuspecting client, after all everyone likes to save money, even me! Unfortunatley more often a higher priced DJ will be Sooo much cheaper in the end.

How is that?  Easy.

If you want to win in a court case you WOULD NOT hire the cheapest lawyer.

If you need surgery you WOULD NOT, look for the cheapest doctor.

If your once in a lifetime wedding reception is as important to you as the above mentioned, why would you think the cheapest DJ would assure PROFESSIONAL RESULTS?  At best he/she is learning at your expense.

Your wedding is one of the most important events of your lifetime. So many important decisions to be made and so many different things you may chose to do! We will help you implement all details for your Bridal Party Grand Entrance, First Dance, Toasts, Cake Cutting, Bouquet/Garter Toss, Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Dance. You choose from any or all of the events listed above and make it as unique as you wish.

Personalize it. It’s your day and almost anything goes.

Your DJ/MC is the most important person working for you at your event. He/She will be there from the moment you walk in, to the time you leave, making sure you and your guests are having a great time and that everything goes as smoothly as possible. As your DJ/MC we are always planning ahead to effect a constant engaging flow through out the course of your reception.